Demand, supply, and pricing have lost their position as the most important factors that play a role in how industrial and even end users evaluate and choose among alternative products and services, as the accelerating developments in the fields of industrial laboratories specialized in the processes of calibration, treatment, measurement, and manufacturing impose new standards that affect how users choose between these products and services; a fact that pushed many manufacturers to adopt international systems and technologies for calibration and measurement in order to bolster their competitive positions in their respective markets. 


In light of this commercial and technical reality, and as industrial investment gradually returns to push the Syrian economic cycle forward, many Syrian industry specialists and laboratory owners aim to improve the quality of their products and services to match international standards, and as an attempt to support and capitalize on this trend, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences organizes the 4th Edition of the International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition – SYRIA LAB, providing a hub for the technicians, quality control specialists, decision makers, and industry experts to meet with the most prominent companies that supply and produce the latest hardware and software regarding industrial measurement, calibration, analysis, testing, and other industrial laboratory specializations.


SYRIA LAB achieved significant success and positive outcomes for both its exhibitors and visitors in its previous editions, positioning itself among the most influential industry-oriented exhibitions in Syria and the region. The exhibition in its previous edition that was held in 2011 focused on the importance of measurement and calibration in the development of industries through hosting a range of exhibits comprising 236 international brands represented by 50 specialized companies in the domain of laboratory supplies and equipment in a wide array of specializations including engineering, chemical, nutrition, industrial, medical, and quality control. After 8 years of absence due to the conflict in Syria, SYRIA LAB will be relaunched in its 4th edition at Damascus Fairground from 13 - 16 October, 2021, concurring with the 15th edition of the International Healthcare and Medical Exhibition – Healthcare, and the 7th edition of the International Dental and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition – Dentalcare.


The impact of the Syrian crisis on the health sector

Before the Syrian crisis started in 2011, the Syrian healthcare sector achieved significant landmarks and overhauls which can be reflected by a drastic increase in life expectancy from 56 years in 1970 to 73 years in 2011, and the Syrian pharmaceutical industry built steadfast reputation for its competitive quality, a reputation that’s reflected in the fact that Syrian medicine was being exported to 56 countries before the Syrian crisis started. During the years of the crisis, the healthcare sector was targeted at all levels, hospitals were destroyed, especially public ones, and healthcare staff and nursing personnel were systematically targeted. 

  • 45% of health centers in Syria are out of service with all their advanced equipment being stolen or destroyed
  • 34% of medical health facilities that are partially functional because of lack of personnel and equipment, which reflects the pressing need for child incubators, scanners and medical imaging devices, anesthesia equipment, and other hospital equipment.
  • Syria's loss of health cadres is estimated at 37%, an unprecedented rate which reflects the need for huge investments in medical human resources and facilities. 
  • The health sector's losses are estimated at $12 billion to restore it to its previous state, which means that the investment needed to meet the rising needs of the Syrian healthcare market amounts to more than $25 billion, including rebuilding and equipping hospitals and health centers in addition to developing the specialized human resources to reach pre-war conditions.

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